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Psychologin und Paartherapeutin Anna Wilitzki

Anna Wilitzki Paartherapie Berlin

After my bachelor's degree in psychology, I completed a master's degree in behavioral therapy, which I finished with the Master of Science. I am a member of the Association of German Psychologists.

My previous field of activity was in the field of neuropsychology. Here I mainly worked with HD and dementia patients. In this work, I learned how important emotional cohesion is as a couple, and that the relationship that is often lost to the burden of the disease needs to be strengthened or restored. This was my first step in the field of couples therapy and marriage counseling - which is so much more.

The partnership is an important point in life for most of us. The strong desire for a second person, with whom we can happily spend our lives, is great. However, often small problems cause significant negative cycles in our relationship, which can be very stressful and affect all areas of life. Fears, depression and other ailments can arise. We often feel alone and overwhelmed with the problems, because no one has taught us to have a good and healthy relationship. Being able to have a good relationship is one of the hardest things in life.

For this reason, I decided to become a couples therapist and did the additional training in emotion-focused couple therapy. In this way, I can help couples to re-encounter each other on the emotional level to have a stronger foundation for coping with crises in one's life together because difficult life circumstances and conflicts cannot be avoided, but much more flexible dealing with the help of couples counseling.

Even if relationships are never secure, they can still succeed in the long term.

I work in Berlin Prenzlauer Berg / Berlin Mitte and offer the couple therapy in a practice team with two of my much-valued couple therapists together:

I also do a podcast with my colleague on the subject of couples therapy and relationships.


If you live more southwest of Berlin, I can also recommend my beloved Koleginnen in Potsdam:


As a psychologist and member of the professional association BDP, I am subject to the professional ethical obligations. All information from the meetings, as well as their documentation and the document, s are subject to my confidentiality.



Anna Wilitzki Gruppentherapie für Paare

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Als Psychologin und Mitglied des Berufsverbandes BDP unterstehe ich den Berufsethischen Verpflichtungen. Alle Informationen aus den Sitzungen, sowie ihrer Dokumentationen und den Unterlagen unterliegen bei mir der Schweigepflicht.

Paartherapie Berlin | Anna Wilitzki, Psychologin M.Sc.

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