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Couple Therapy  |  Couple Psychotherapy 


160 Euro a Session (90 minutes)

Paartherapie als psychotherapeutische Heil- oder Präventivbehandlung (von mindestens einem Partner) ist

nach § 4 Nr. 14 Buchst. a UStG umsatzsteuerbefreit.


Individually Therapy  | Psychotherapy


100 Euro a Session (60 minutes)

Psychotherapie ist als Heil- oder Präventivbehandlung nach § 4 Nr. 14 Buchst. a UStG umsatsteuerbefreit.

Hypnosis | analytic Hypnotherapy

250 Euro a Session (60 -90 minutes)

Paartherapie Berlin Kosten

Although research has already found that problems in the mating relationship can also lead to mental disorders, such as depression and anxiety disorders, which in turn means that couples therapy can be preventive of mental diseases, the cost of couples therapy, both from the private as well as from the statutory health insurance, unfortunately not taken. For this reason, they, unfortunately, have to bear the costs themselves.

Evening appointments and Saturday appointments


For appointments from 17 clock and appointments on Saturday, I charge a surcharge of 20 euros per session.

Deadline - or shift:


By a binding registration you automatically agree to a rejection modality:

This means that you must cancel or postpone a session at least 48 hours (2 business days) in advance. By a timely cancellation come to you no cost. This applies to the first interview and subsequent meetings.

Also in the interest of other clients who are waiting for an appointment, a timely cancellation or postponement of the appointment, by e-mail or telephone, important. The consulting rooms are from an appointment, reserved for you. If you do not say it in time, this gap can not be filled by taking over another client.

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